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July Forecast

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Lazy Lightning
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Posted 02 July 2010 - 11:08 PM

The main theme for July is CRISIS-OPPORTUNITY. This may seem like a complete paradox however the influences of the times are creating an intensity that will bring about crises that present opportunities for major, sudden and complete change. "CRISIS" is defined as a "decisive or crucial moment". "OPPORTUNITY" is defined as "a chance for advancement", (in this case a chance to advance to a higher level of consciousness).

This is a month where the resources you have come to rely on may no longer be available to you, especially if they are of an old paradigm. Resources in this case may include your finances and physical extensions, relationships and support, beliefs and what you think you know, and any old identity you may have around your career, your degrees, and what you have done or not done in your life. When the resources you think you have begin to dry up or not to work for you any more, the instinctive reaction is one of fear of survival that may actually manifest as anxiety, panic and crisis. There will be many expressions of crisis and things coming to a head that you will witness around you and perhaps in your own life. And even if in your own life things feel somewhat under control, you may still feel a non-specific anxiety as you tune into the collective process. Let this be a barometer for you and a reminder always to look to your current inner resources and to monitor your reactions, your attachments and expectations.

The instinctive center is challenged, as much of what it has come to rely on energetically is swept away as in a great flood. More than ever it is crucial to learn to rely on the constant inner securities of opportunity in the midst of any crisis, as it is just around the bend especially in these times. In fact, opportunity almost requires a crisis to precede it, in order to break the old patterns apart, as completely as is necessary for permanent change. Crisis can come from within or crisis can come from the outside. A crisis within is a crisis of identity, of personal psychological well-being, of confusion, of physical health or internal process. A crisis from the outside is anything that comes into your life from the outside and creates a crucial or decisive moment. It could be another's behavior or choice, a change at work, an accident, a death, or other permanent change of some kind. It can also be an opportunity that shows up that throws you into anxiety, as you contemplate the bid for power that would be required to take advantage of it. Whether from the inside or from the outside, crisis will present an opportunity for transformation of some kind. Just remember that a crisis need not be feared as a negative or bad thing. If you see crisis as an energy that carries with it an intensity to move, or transform in a big way, you will be less fearful and anxious about it.

This month is loaded with opportunity. What is required is to put the ego fears aside and to move forward when opportunity presents itself. The opportunity in a situation may not always be clear at first especially when the focus is on the crisis. This is a reminder to always hold the space for opportunity in the midst of any crisis, as opportunity is just around the bend, especially in these times. In fact, opportunity almost requires a crisis to precede it in order to break the old patterns apart as completely as is necessary for permanent change. Practice resilience, flexibility, and neutrality. Don't believe what your mind is telling you the situation is. Ask spirit to show you the real opportunity behind the crisis and then be present and conscious so you can recognize it when it shows up. The real opportunity will be the transformation that will unfold in many ways in your life.

This month is loaded with pitfalls as well. There will be a great deal of chaos and confusion as your mind tells you one thing and your spirit and heart another. They may fight with each other, personality vs. essence. Give essence the floor as it will win in the long run anyway. Watch blaming others or blaming your circumstances and creating a story out of it that continues to be fed. This is the do or die time frame and the forces that are pushing this opportunity for evolution of consciousness are ruthless and relentless. The faster and more completely you can get with the program of not letting the false personality have any say in how things unfold, the easier the transition will be. This is not an option. Just like childbirth, we have been in the time of labor and painful dilation. Now, fully dilated it is time to push for the new life emerging. There is no going back and no option to return to what was known. The decision was made a long time ago collectively that this would be the time and here it is, like it or not.

In the midst of chaos, unraveling and confusion, the discipline of focus is helpful. Focus counteracts chaos and helps to organize energy. Even if the focus is not related to the areas of chaos, but rather connected to spiritual practices, cleaning the house or getting things on your list crossed off, it will still help you to manage the chaos psychologically and help you to ground yourself and feel less scattered. Incorporate daily routines that are not addictions but that give your physical being some comfort amidst the storm. Watch also for mood swings and fatigue mixed with high levels of energy and enthusiasm that could lead to either depression and lack of motivation and meaning, or impulsive manic behavior. There is a bit of insanity connected to these times that will require all of your self-discipline to counteract. You may feel it in yourself and certainly observe it in others. Don't take anything personally as explosive reactions will be common as crisis builds. We recommend a film that is currently in the theatres "City Island" that illustrates so well how the false personality creates a story that leads to a crisis that leads to a breakthrough and opportunity for instant healing. Above all, find humor in your process. Learn to laugh at the folly of what the mind and false personality holds to be so important.


This is a perfect opportunity to transform what you need to transform. Sit with the choices that come up for you in a crisis and be spontaneous but not irrational or impulsive; take calculated risks and see change as a positive opportunity at every turn. Remind yourself daily that if you are at the receiving end of someone's reactionary behavior; anger, projection, blame, praise, envy, demand etc., that this is not about you but rather all about them and their process. At the same time, if you find yourself in reaction to another, look inside yourself and identify how this may be all about you and not at all about them. Just know that many buttons are being pushed in a big way this month and reactions will go from being higher centered, loving and open hearted to downright angry, nasty and aggressively judgmental. Remember that this is the false personality talking and has nothing to do with essence. If things get too intense, take yourself out for some alone time in nature and above all, try and be with people who are on the same page as you. If you find yourself in a reactionary state, do not judge or self deprecate, but rather set strong boundaries around how much time you give the false personality for its little tantrum. The learning is about how quickly you can move out of these experiences rather than eliminating them completely. We are only human after all.


Relationships will need a lot of compassion as they may take the brunt of projection. On the other hand, relationships will surely go through crisis, especially if there is a backlog of non-communicated or un-processed material that could be either positive or negative. If you have been dancing around a relationship, possibility not having the courage to go for it, this would be the time as a crisis will likely occur forcing a decision. At the same time, you could have a relationship you have been unable to let go of for whatever reason and things could come to a head this month to force the issue. There is no sitting on the fence and this is no time for ambivalence, but you will still need to watch impulsive behavior and decisions, especially if they are motivated by a reaction. Watch for an increase in intensity and drama around relationships, break ups, surprise marriages, divorces and affairs; the rag sheets will have a hey day.


The physical body is having a really hard time not just this month but in general in these times. You have less leeway for poor diet, bad habits and addictions. In order for the body to keep up with the constantly increasing intensity, transformation and movement to a higher level of consciousness, you need to pay attention to how you care for it and give it much more attention that you think it needs. This would include rest, exercise, good diet, and a clean environment including air, water, electromagnetic pollution and energetic interferences. This is a time to set and practice good boundaries around what is yours and what is not. Those of you who tend to take on energies from others will have the hardest time. In general the physical aspects of the body that may complain this month are digestion, colon, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, lungs and lower back. However depending on your personal issues, your own body may come up with other complaints. The opportunity here is to get your personal relationship with your body on track and balanced so you can enjoy better health. This is a good month for acupuncture and body work.


The planet always takes direction from the collective. Therefore we will see additional crisis in the world affecting the environment and forcing decisions that may have been on a back burner. The weather will continue to be erratic, extreme and in some cases produe a crisis situation. It is also very likely this month to see increased activity of earth movement, volcanic eruption and their catastrophic side-affects. Weather and earth activity crises tend to pull communities together in an opportunity to collectively come up with creative solutions which is always a good thing. New leaders will emerge and the environment will no longer be on the back burner as crucial events in crisis will force everyone to pay attention. Be aware of resistance to anything that occurs environmentally or weather wise. Be flexible in your plans and enjoy the intensity of mother earth's and father sky's expression and creativity.


Opportunities in this arena are great; everything from learning how to manage crisis situations in your business, to allowing a crisis to dissolve an old structure and trusting thee merging opportunity beneath it; everything from dissolving old partnerships which are no longer supportive, to building new ones out of the same level of intensity. Large swings in fortune are possible depending on the lessons of the individuals, communities and the collective. Creative projects will emerge in a big way and either go through immediate expansion or crash and burn. Try to stay neutral amid the chaos and take the opportunity to develop focus around the practical little things. Finish your taxes, clean out your file cabinet, update your computer, catch up. This is also a time when you can take a calculated risk on a bid for power. If you invest from your heart you cannot go wrong.


We are likely to see more crises globally in financial markets, weather and earth-related phenomena and political issues. And individual countries may experience their own individual crises. The opportunity is for the planet to begin operating as one community and banding together around issues that are too weighty for each individual country to deal with. This is a larger movement that will continue over the next couple of years, one of building a global community. The intention is strong in this direction and however the planet needs to support it, it will manifest, even if it causes destruction and chaos in the short term. The time is over for blaming and complaining. The time is now for taking responsibility as a global citizen for the current state of affairs. If we don't like what we see, we will need to get with the program and create a new dream.


July 1-8: An intense time of ups and down, mood swings, irrational behavior and reactionary projections. Do not take it personally but look to your own life and reflect on who you are, where you are, whom you are with and what if anything is coming to a crisis point. Remember that crisis is not necessarily bad or negative. It could just be a choice point you have reached that requires a committed decision. You may feel swings in fatigue complemented with swings to high levels of energy and enthusiasm. You may also feel depressed and lethargic one day and overly hyper the next. Stay with your disciplines and your practices and pay attention to your body. This is the crucial time between the 2 eclipses when anything can happen.

July 11: New Moon with a solar eclipse at 1:40 PM Mountain Daylight Time. If there is a crisis in your life, look for the opportunity and make some decisions. Stay away from places, people and situations that are not energetically clean if possible. Spend some time with spirit. Ask for help, ask for clarity, and ask for power, strength and courage. Be with yourself, nature and the elements. Appreciate all the opportunities you have at every turn in the road of life.

July 9-16: The intensity is building and if you use it well you can take advantage of some opportunity that presents itself to you. Don't be afraid to take a calculated risk. Anything that you feel "right" about getting yourself into will be very positive as long as you are truly feeling "right" about it from your heart and essence and not your false personality that wants it for reasons of ego. Be very careful with relationships during this time as there can be an explosive quality to communication and negotiation that could lead to exchanges that are negative, hurtful and damaging. Stay neutral and out of reaction as much as possible. Avoid situations you know will be riddled with conflict and stay out of drama that has nothing to do with you as it will not be useful in any way. You cannot change others, you can only hold the space for them to help themselves. You also cannot count on anyone else for your own personal happiness. These are some of the lessons.

July 17-24: This time period requires focus on details, focus on the mundane little things like cleaning the fridge, filing, mending, walking the dog, physical grooming and taking care of your personal environment. Any grounding exercises you can do and anything you can do to simplify your life will be helpful at this time. Watch manic behavior and impulsive reactions. Set good boundaries and anchor good spiritual practices. Avoid chaotic environments and overstimulation. This is a time that is best used in some kind of nurturing of your whole being as it will bring about a very necessary balance that will help in aligning you with the right opportunity and prepare you for what is coming. Observe all the distractions and drama that try and keep you from this nurturing of self. Don't give them any power.

July 25: Full Moon is at 7:37 PM Mountain Daylight Time. The container is being stretched and you are being asked by spirit to step up to the plate. This is the time of giving birth as there is no going back. If you are in crisis, step up to the plate. Be honest, tell the truth, enjoy the ride, do something today that marks a new power in you.

July 26: A very important day astrologically as the Saturn/Uranus opposition that has been with us off and on since the election of Obama is changing signs and going into Aries/Libra. As I am not an astrologer, I can only speak to the energy of the times and to see this configuration as increasing the heat and charging the intensity, bringing things to a head and crisis point. This is the "what is coming". It is now here in all its intensity, crisis and opportunity. This configuration and energetic influence will trigger numerous large-scale movements on the planet that will affect everyone. No one escapes. Be especially patient and compassionate with children and animals as they will react just like everyone else.

July 27-31: Keep "don't know mind" especially about anything that is confusing to you and that you do not have clarity about. Clarity will come with time. Do whatever you can to acknowledge the increase in levels of consciousness available now. Always notice what is different as it is the marker for change. Contemplate on the new opportunities in your life that are springing from the ashes of the old patterns. Appreciate your relationships, and the support and love in your life.

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 09:40 PM

reading through your july forecast from last year - as i'm a leo. so much of your 2010 has really come true - not only in july though. is there any time that the forecast expires? tell me true.

#3 Lazy Lightning

Lazy Lightning
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Posted 11 April 2011 - 07:11 PM

It really is an accurate forecast, sometimes I read them after the fact and they just hold so much information. I find the forecasts really useful for getting me to look at things in a new light and seem to bring awareness to my everyday.

I recently found out who writes the forecasts - I was receiving them as a forwarded email from a friend - and tho I will continue posting them here in this forum, I wanted to share the link to the original website as well: