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#1 MeOmYo

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 01:38 AM

Mi madre sent a box of them as she has 2 trees in her yard. What can you do with them besides guacamole and put it in salads?

#2 Julius

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 02:15 AM

Cut in half, remove pit, fill hole with vinaigrette and eat with small spoon.

#3 Karen

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 03:33 AM

Put slices of it on sammiches

Eat slices just for fun

Mash with yucca for amazing side dish

puree into cold soup

#4 kramer

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 03:46 AM

I came in here to post what Julius said :)

#5 kramer

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 03:49 AM

U can make an avocado pie with some condensed milk, lemon juice, some nutmeg and a graham cracker crust!

#6 sums



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Posted 28 February 2012 - 09:14 PM

what julius said only substitute vinegarette w/ salsa. yum.

#7 Gwendolyn

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 09:28 PM

Put slices in a grilled cheese.......mmmmmmm damn now I have to go home and make one!!!

#8 MeOmYo

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 10:12 PM

I have probably 30, which will start to ripen in a few days. I like avocado but 30 is a lot.

So, avocado for breakfast, lunch & dinner it seems for a bit.

#9 Erinisme

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 11:45 PM

never made it but...http://www.twopeasan...-avocado-pasta/

they're great in smoothies...I bet you could freeze them for use in smoothies in the future?

#10 fire_rocket

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 04:27 PM

I use to make avocado baby food cubes and freeze them- they worked just fine! They turn a tad brown but still taste just fine.

#11 Jersey Thug

Jersey Thug
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Posted 29 February 2012 - 09:54 PM

i like to use avocado on sandwiches and wraps as a replacement for mayo or mustard. it's great with turkey!

i make a salad dressing by whisking ripe avocado with lemon or lime juice, and season with salt, pepper.

but my favorite is to dice up an avocado into large chunks. marinate in lime juice (one lime per avocado or more, depending on how much juice it bears) with diced jalapeno, shallot (or onion, or scallion), salt, pepper and cilantro, and serve with lettuce leaves to wrap it up.

you can also make friends with your neighbors or coworkers. i love getting care packages, or giving them, when a bumper crop comes in :)

#12 Kashmir

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Posted 12 May 2012 - 03:23 PM

Avocado is my favorite.....ummm,err....fruit??
I love to eat it straight from the peel with a pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. I add it to all my sandwiches and wraps. My friend recently told me about a recipe she saw where you bake an egg in a halved avocado. I *must* try this!! :drool:

#13 ashleyoverdrive

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Posted 20 June 2012 - 06:30 PM

I LOVE avocados! All the suggestions are great, here are some of my favorites:
  • Mash up a whole avocado with a fork, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, and add a couple drops of lemon or lime to taste [this also prevents browning if you store it in the fridge overnight]. Put them on toast or a bagel, I have it almost every morning for breakfast.
  • Put slices on any type of wrap! Right now in the office, I'm having a wrap with some leftovers from dinner [taco-seasoned chicken and grilled sweet onions] and put a few slices on top. So great - also goes well with turkey w lettuce & tomato
  • Cut them up into cubes and put on top of a salad. If you're in the mood, a bit of crumbled bacon would be a perfect crunchy and salty addition.
  • Pretty much the key is to utilize their texture and excellent partnership with salt, and to add lime/lemon whenever possible to prevent browning if you're not going to eat it immediately.
Okay so everyone's basically said everything I stated above but hey, if you have too much avocado, I'd be happy to take them off your hands hahaha have fun experimenting with recipes! :)

#14 Kashmir

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 01:49 AM

Avocados RULE!!!
I've been on a burrito bowl making kick and it just doesn't taste right with avocado

#15 elder

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 02:14 PM

this is my favorite thing to eat right now -

roast up some local beets - let cool
cut up avocado and beets into fork size pieces.
add handful or two of walnuts
add handful or two of blue cheese crumbles
drizzle over top a little raspberry balsamic vinagerette


#16 tyedyedee


    uniquely dee

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 02:35 PM

i love avocados :drool:

my favorite sandwich is just local tomatoes, avocado and fresh ground pepper and sea salt, maybe a shmear of MW on a multigrain bread
just one slice though, i wanna taste the insides more than the bread

tom, that looks AWESOME!
reminds me of a warm salad i had with wilted baby spinach, oven roasted beets, toasted walnuts and gorganzola...avocados would be awesome in that!