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Doggie acupressure

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#1 KrisNYG

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 01:29 AM

So, my pup Louie is scared of EVERYTHING; people, cars (good boy), wind, things out of place etc and so on. A client of mine was in today and does Acupressure on horses and dogs. He was so comfortable with her it was ridiculous! She showed me the pressure points on my other dogs and had me do it on him. I am a skeptic on things like this but was really blown away. The only two people he actually loves are me and my mom. He tolerates others but NEVER at the comfort he showed with her after 5 minutes.

Has anyone had luck with this? We are going to keep it up and see, I really don't understand it all but am very intrigued. He is on a low dose of Prozac at the moment since he gets so overwhelmed that he can't function in times of stress, like simple walks in town where he sees lots of people. She says she can address this and cure it if I'm willing to keep it up (which I am). She also thinks we should keep him on the meds to make his treatment easier for him to begin with and ween him at a later time.

This was so cool to witness that I am actually rethinking my career path, or at least a supplement to what I do now. She is bringing me charts and books soon on this.

The other pups loved it too, so much so that they got quite relaxed and gassy. :funny1: She says that happens when it's working. I guess all jobs have a little stink to them. :funny1:


#2 sarah b.

sarah b.
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Posted 18 March 2009 - 07:32 PM

I know it works on humans. My friend and I also showed my mom how to use a plum blossom needle on Herman, the very senior cat at my mom's house who has bad arthritis in his back legs. We treated him (with acupuncture), then showed her how to use it (the plum blossom) to increase the circulation in his back legs and help his hair grow back. He has hair on his back legs again, now. :)