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Still Traumatized

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Posted 22 September 2011 - 06:28 PM

About a year ago, I was living in New Mexico, 3000 (aprox.) away from anyone I know, and hadn't talked to my family in almost 6 months. I had been worrying about my grandfather, I could sense that he was getting sick. I went to sleep late one night with my boyfriend, and I guess he was awakened by me talking perfectly clear in my sleep, facial expressions and all, just with my eyes closed. He told me this is what I was saying: " Midge, no, I don't want to move again, I can't leave him here. It's not fair, not Frumpa. " I started crying in my sleep at this point and then: "I'll be there, I don't know how he's going to take this, i'll come if i have to hitch i don't care" well... I woke up remembering just seeing my grandfather's face and hearing a phone ringing and my sister's voice so loud it was resonating in my mind. I was freaked out and had this dreadful feeling and all i could do was say i have to go i have to get back to new england now something is wrong. my boyfriend told me what I was saying and he thought it was a joke and that i was faking or something. He reassured me my grandfather was probably fine and i was just missing him.. so i called my grandparents and spoke to him, he was alive and was on his way to a doctors appointment, i told him that i had been worrying and told my grandmother about my dream, they told me he was just fine. later that evening.. I got a phonecall from my sister and flew to Ma. for his funeral 2 days later. word got around about my dream, and when I walked into the wake to pay my respects, everyone stared at me, and couldn't say a word to me. somehow i feel like it's my fault that any of it happened. I just don't know how to be okay with that.. it's happened before with other people i know, but not someone this close to me. i know it happens to other people.. but if theres anyone out there who has this strange issue how do you cope with it?:sad: