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Gut Spilling Dept. (not too long, do read)

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#1 haloofroses

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Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:41 PM

OK, so maybe three people here know who I am, but....

there's a bit of mis-info concerning ADHD.

its not a case of having no attention, but of paying too much attention. those with ADHD collect (more than the usual) input stimuli, and as a result the person gets overwhelmed and shuts down.

along the way, the person is aggravated as hell- sometimes the merest infraction, sometimes if something falls off a table they get set off, wanting to smash things.

you've heard of this type of behavior with kids, but with adults it turns from bothersome to fucking ugly. Fortunately, I don't take my shit out on people - so I'm often left to turn it on myself.

The slightest thing -or even nothing- could set off paranoia, anger, etc. all while I'm sitting quietly next to you as I pass you a freshy bowl o' green, drawing on a tissue box.

times like these I feel like utterly exploding, and really all I 'd want is a big hug, and no empty casual sex*, no superdrugs will change the fact that very few people want to actually hug me beyond a bro-greeting.

fuck pity - my shit will always be my own, but I'd love it if I knew more folks were out there with open arms.

*I'll quibble over this distinction if warranted.

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Posted 02 August 2011 - 01:55 PM


Awareness makes a difference. :heart: