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I've been missing CJTpaint lately.

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#1 Creekie

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 12:02 AM

I stopped coming around here before my dad passed, but it was extra hard when he did. Slowly but surely, i'm getting myself totally back from all the shit I went through, and I figured it was high time I returned home. 

But it's hard. I have messages from him here. I didn't think this would still feel so raw. 


I messed up so much, and lost friends, and didn't reach out, and have a lot of things I may need to explain to some folks around here...but somehow I think I'm finally home, and it's gonna be okay. 


I loved my dad very much, but I missed tons of time with him. Somehow I think he's still here though. 



#2 tyedyedee


    uniquely dee

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 02:42 PM

He sure is, Cass :heart:


and this will always be your home :wink:

#3 Karen

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 02:43 PM


#4 TEO



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Posted 03 February 2014 - 03:13 PM

We are all here.  :heart:  :heart:

#5 hoagie

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 03:14 PM

here and now

#6 Tim the Beek

Tim the Beek
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Posted 03 February 2014 - 04:48 PM


#7 Royal

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 10:38 PM

This is our home Cass and you are always part of it. First boardie i met,, the first boardie to welcome me into her home, the boardie who i talked from the hospital. I love you and julia. Welcome home.

#8 china cat

china cat
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Posted 04 February 2014 - 12:27 AM

sending love and healing, C.

#9 Creekie

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 06:14 PM

thanks guys. sorry it took me so long to realize where i belonged. I'm done letting others tell me who i am and what I should and should not be doing...this is a pattern that has gone on for far too long. 

And I'm done being ashamed of certain shit that went down, and even more done with not trusting that the people who know and love me know that that was NOT me for a while, and it's okay. 


Anyhow, thanks. I have been crying a bit lately, and I needed to let this out somewhere. I really miss him. He would have helped, 

#10 TEO



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Posted 06 February 2014 - 06:36 PM



He would have.


I hope we do.  :heart:

#11 JBetty

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 06:39 PM

Welcome back, Creekie.   :heart:

#12 vinandtonic

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 08:06 PM


#13 SimplyDeeJay

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

We do our absolute best to help. Like I've told you about a bajillion times...there are reasons you and I, reasons that you and all of the people here...were destined to cross paths of some sort. And...with the way all of y'all have reached out to me, I feel like I'm becoming a part of this new family too, a bit.


He sent you us. And we're always going to be here for you.


This is your family. And, I suppose, in a new cosmic way, they're kinda mine too. (And your family pretty much grows by the day so that's super cool too.)


I say this, having known and learned of Creekie without the Vibes family, and having been able to have that invitation to the family extended to me...


It's good to see you again, dear.  <3

#14 sarah b.

sarah b.
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Posted 17 February 2014 - 01:49 AM

welcome home, y'all. your dad lives in many a PM box, here. thank you for bringing him here. :)

#15 Creekie

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 01:44 PM

Thanks Sarah. Yeah, it's nice to see how many loved him. <3

#16 lost-in-boston

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 12:27 AM


#17 MeOmYo

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Posted 30 April 2014 - 04:05 AM