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Electronic Communication Privacy -legislation drafted by Patrick Leahy

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 07:00 PM

Right now, the government could access your old email without your knowledge and without a warrant. Today we have an opportunity to change that.
I'm proud to have drafted the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) back in 1986 to protect Americans' Fourth Amendment privacy rights at the dawn of the Information Age. But the growth of cloud computing, long-term email storage on third-party servers, and new location-aware mobile devices demands an update to this important privacy law.
So I just introduced the Electronic Communications Privacy Amendments Act, which would improve privacy protections and establish stronger legal standards by which the government can access your digital information.
Urge your members of Congress to support my Electronic Communications Privacy Amendments Act of 2011 today.
Current law allows government investigators and law enforcement to access your email and other personal data if it has been stored on a server for more than 180 days, without any judicial review.
My legislation would eliminate the "180-day rule" and require investigators to obtain a warrant to access any personal information stored on a third-party server. It would also require them to let you know about it, unless notification would endanger national security.
TechFreedom President Berin Szoka has noted "finally, we see a bill that focuses on the one clear harm that seems to underlie most online privacy concerns: law enforcement's access to personal data without judicial scrutiny."
[URL="http://leahy.convio.net/site/R?i=l2-DTj6BtCdw8Cpvl6NJKQ.."][B]Please join TechFreedom

#2 Luna

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 07:06 PM

Thanks, sent... thats some scary shit

#3 TakeAStepBack

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 09:08 PM

Hmmm...conveniently located in family.. :funny1:

Does it really matter when they can come into your house for whatever reason they want at this point? Illegally, legally wire tap you?
Just sayin'...I sent in too though

#4 deadheadskier

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 09:14 PM

I want the government to read my email. Maybe they can finally get rid of the damn Nigerians trying to give me money or the Canadians trying to sell me boner pills.

#5 china cat

china cat
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Posted 25 May 2011 - 02:47 PM


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Posted 25 May 2011 - 06:18 PM