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A catastrophic failure of warp travel systems likely to benefit the city of Providence

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 05:06 AM

The explosion ripped through the ship's hull from bow to stern, freeing the carrier's precious cargo. Having just returned to the Milky Way after a highly successful intergalactic trading expedition, the IGSS-Eternal Beauty was filled with the Virgo Cluster's most fantastical  and desired treasures. The warp-line deintegration module had failed, causing the ship's fuel core to explode immediately on deceleration. Cargo shot out in all directions. By some weirdness of fate, every single piece found a grateful home on some inhabited world. The universe is funny like that.

To Casion City on Xendron-Beta, home of the newt people called oOOmlecks, came a large moist rock. Moistened by the temporally profound water of Gallifrey, the rock imbued Casion’s population with extended lives, empowered foresight, and according to the opinion of male casionites, significantly larger tales.

Landing at the Acropolis of Nigh, home to the priestly class of egg people known as the Umlettas, a case of Beaumonde’s finest hot sauce. The Umlettas quickly discovered it’s value for making them taste a whole lot better. The god loving Umlettas rapturously dined on each other for centuries.

What would be considered by many to be the IGSS-Eternal Beauty’s most precious freight is still traversing the stars. It is bound for the small city of Providence on Earth-Sol, home to a race of hairless apes with a love of soft drinks and digital watches. On route a package of vibrations harvested from the interdimensional void by the hyper advanced race of mysterious nomads simply known as the Dop. This Dopapod is due to arrive in Providence at SD67.45879 or 03/15/13 9pm local time at The Spot Underground. The impact of a Dopapod on the people of Providence is at this moment unknown. However, one could surmise quite rightly that they will be grateful... and probably high.



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Posted 15 March 2013 - 11:20 AM

digital watches