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The Pink Floyd Experience, Bergen PAC, 2/16/13

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#1 Eddie Z

Eddie Z
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Posted 17 February 2013 - 05:08 AM

Just got back from this.     I was unsuccessful drumming up any Partners in crime, so I shot over there alone.   Advantage was that I scored a real cheap ticket outside the show, nice seat too :-)


There seems to be a glut on the market of Pink Floyd bands these days.    The Pink Floyd Experience, The Brit Floyd, The Austrailian Pink Floyd Show (last year), The Machine, and probably a few others....some of these bands spawning from the ashes of others.      So I didn't know what to expect with the PFX.   ....but I'm more than happy to see 'em all!    Ya gotta figure:  Professional artists covering my favorite music in a professional setting...how bad could it be!     


I didn't keep a setlist, but they really drudged up some old kewl songs than I wouldn't have expected them to play.      This band's main focus was more on the music, and not so much on "The Show", with effects, props, certified Pink Floyd animations/imagery, and lasers/lighting.        They seemed to just be a pack of really good musicians who love Pink Floyd....and they honored the songs pretty respectfully, but they frequently added their own jammy twists to them.  They weren't going for the note-for-note recreation of albums...they seemed more to go for the live arrangements, as Pink Floyd would have played...but again, taking liberties left and right, by far, NOT a note-for-note recreation of Live Floyd either.         Not a great deal of eye candy though...a big LED screen in the back playing some imagery, and some standard issue concert lighting.      The big thrill at the end was a massive inflateable remote controlled pig, which everyone got a kick out of.  


Anyway, it was an enjoyable few hours of music.  

#2 Karen

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 05:14 AM