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April Forecast

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 01:46 PM

The main theme for April is FERTILITY!

What makes ground fertile?

What makes for a good garden and a good harvest?

What makes the ground fertile is turning over the soil that has been sitting stagnant over the winter, making sure to go deep enough that the densest underside is exposed; Aerating the density of the soil by breaking it apart and adding lighter material so there is room for the seeds to take root and grow; Adding nutrients such as compost (discarded waste in changed form); Removing obstacles such as rocks and hard substances that make it difficult for roots to go deep; Making sure there is protection from predators and danger; Making sure there is a ready source of water and sunlight; Then being willing to wait for the right timing to plant, and being committed to taking care of the seedlings and prepared to thin and prune as needed.

We are going to take this analogy of fertile ground and unpack it for how the theme of Fertility shows up this month.

You could say that aspects of physical life on this planet have been in a winter cycle of hibernation. Certain attitudes and behaviors have been repeated and repeated with very little change towards a more evolved way of being. The planet, and therefore each one of us individually as well, is currently having its soil turned from a deeper place, uncovering an underside that has not been broken up or aerated for a very long time. It is disruptive and often fatal to whatever is left from the previous cycle when the tiller of change comes plowing through. Even some of the worms that are in service to keeping the soil from being completely calcified are sacrificed along the way. Roots of old harvests, dry stalks, rocks, clumps of clay, and relatively "dead" soil comes to the surface. What is exposed in the process is now to be seen, identified, broken up, sorted and cleaned up. This process can at times be violent and require force depending on the extent of the hardness or calcification needing upturning.

The underside with all of its stagnant and calcified dirt clods represents an old way of thinking, of being attached, of creating, of intending, of communicating, and of living. Nature is being extremely cooperative and helpful these days in turning its own soil. It is up to us to take the process from here and to do the sorting, the clearing of stones that represent the obstacles we put in our own way, and the breaking up of the hard calcified clods that represent the old calcified places in ourselves.

Many of you have already experienced the tiller of change that has disrupted the calm surface of stagnant soil. You are deep in the process of looking at what has been uncovered, appalled perhaps by the violent nature of the disruption, sorting through it, mourning the sacrifices, and feeling daunted by the task you see in front of you. When you look at soil that has been turned over and lies in clumps it is hard to imagine what a beautiful creative garden can grow out of it. Perseverance is required as you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Being neutral about what you see is imperative, so that regret, shame, guilt, anger, resentment or self-deprecation doesn’t waylay you. It is what it is. Remember that soil in any shape can be worked with to bring it to a fertile condition. So if you think you or your situation is beyond hope, think again. It is an insult to spirit and to nature not to give more credit to the larger picture of evolution and to see that all of this is just a part of the big plan.

Anything that can be interpreted as a disaster should be re-defined as an opportunity for fertility. Anything that seems like the end is only a threshold to a new beginning. Anything that seems old, dead and full of obstacles can be reworked into a fertile bed ready for something new. The key is your own willingness to remove the stones and to break up the clay that represents the attachments in your life. There is tremendous fear out there and you will be subject to its influence every day. Don't buy into it as it blocks the creativity needed to work with the ground you are making fertile.

The process of aerating the soil represents aerating your own mind, ideas, habits and patterns. By moving things around and actively training your mind to release old ways of thinking, you are making room for new growth and new experiences. If something is too fixed and solid, it is no longer fertile. It is said that young minds are fertile and it is because they have not yet fixed on their version of reality. You must get yourself to that young-mind place if you wish to take advantage of this new age. Be willing to create the space in your perception that is needed to allow for experiences you cannot now conceive of. When you aerate soil, you bring in lighter material to increase good drainage. The lighter material required for good aeration is represented by a higher vibration of energy and the quantum field of possibilities that so often takes a back seat to the current drama unfolding in your life. The good drainage is your ability to eliminate what does not serve you quickly and efficiently without judgment, regret or anger.

Adding nutrients to recharge the soil is the next step. Your own personal compost made of old waste is the best compost. All of your experiences and all of your teachings, challenges, lessons, loves, learning, and whatever you have done or not done, felt or not felt, thought or not thought in your life becomes rich compost for future manifestations. In order for you to have access to this compost you must acknowledge its existence. Harvest all that you have processed, honor and acknowledge it. When you save scraps of food to make compost for a garden you have to be actively engaged in the composting process. You could just as easily throw everything into the trash and have it taken away. Out of sight, out of mind. But then you don't get your own compost. You can always use some one else's, but personal compost is way better. In working your own experiences into the soil of your circumstances to make it fertile, you are also giving value to your life. You are acknowledging the tremendous value in everything you have done, thought, felt and experienced.

Because the garden is such a good analogy we invite you to make a chart or a list of these concepts and work with them daily, finding your personal representations of clay, rocks, aeration, drainage and compost.

Freedom is also a very important to acknowledge and work with during these times, understanding it for yourself and where it fits into the greater scheme of working with creating fertile ground especially around the concept of aeration and loosening up your attachment to the way things have always been. Jose has a wonderful and timely audio on the subject that will give you additional ways to take full advantage of the opportunities at this time.

Even through we think of Fertility as a feminine condition, in order for your seeds to actually grow in the fertile ground you have created you need the masculine spark. That masculine spark is represented by the fire element and your own spark of inspiration around what is possible when you get your hands into the soil. You cannot be afraid of getting dirty or working hard. Anyone who has had the vision of a garden and then has actually seeded, cared for, and then harvested one, can attest to the great feeling of reward at harvest time. So be inspired by your process and the tremendous opportunities available for seeding a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, new projects, a new environment, new work, new relationships, new attitude, new ideas. This is a tremendously fertile time on the planet. Look at all the compost we have available to us. Look at all the turning of the soil and aeration taking place. We are truly ready to plant new seeds and to spark them to grow through our own inspiration about the future we are creating. We need to think positively about what we can plant and how fast it can grow. Remember that this is also an accelerated time where things can manifest very quickly.

A good garden is nurtured, watered, exposed to the right amount of sunlight, weeded and pruned when necessary, and protected from harm. If you are inspired to plant some seeds of creativity in your life, protect the seedlings from the judgments of others and any of your own negative thoughts and attitudes that can harm their growth. You are often your own worst enemy and need to be aware of the damage you do to your own creative process by not trusting in yourself or in spirit. Build a good fence around you garden that consists of practices that keep you on track. Make a habit of not believing everything your mind tells you and be persistent and persevering in weeding out the doubt, the fear and the negativity that threatens to choke the growth. A good set of practices will also act as nourishment. Feed yourself with beauty, love, inspiration and all the energy that nature provides. Look to the sun and look to spirit to guide the timing. The times are fertile and all you have to do is pay attention and stay positive.

What to watch out for this month:

Negative thinking and focusing on trying to figure out how the soil got to be so hard. It is what it is. Watch also for blame, self-deprecation, anger, disappointment, irritability and impatience. Watch the mind's need to always link cause and effect as a way to define reality. It is very limiting especially during these times. Watch out for other's limiting beliefs, projections and judgments. Practice neutrality and work on your own garden. Watch self-judgment about what is possible and what you can and can't do. Always ask the question, what if? And then contemplate it for a moment....

Also watch for any ideas or beliefs that are concrete, final, and using such words as never and always. Beware of the need to know. Get comfortable with not knowing and you will make yourself more available to right timing, synchronicity and things happening in ways you could not have imagined.

Some beliefs to eliminate: (and there are many more you can come up with.)

It can't happen because it has never happened before
It isn't possible
There is not enough time
They won't let me
There is a fixed amount of resources to go around
This all takes time
I don't know how
It's too hard
I won't survive
It's their fault
I made a big mistake
I can't fix it
They need to change
I'll never be....
I'll always be....
I/it/you/they always.....
I/it/you/they never........

Eliminate these and others from your thoughts and your vocabulary otherwise you are very likely to create that very experience. Be careful what you say in this fertile time and be careful what you ask for.

How the month shows up:


This is a tremendous month for growth, expansion, activity ad extreme fertility for your own evolution, projects and movement forward. It is very important not to judge others for how they are using this opportunity. Some are choosing to use the fertility to seed their own transition off the planet. Others are using it to complete karma. It may not always look positive to you but then everyone has their own version of a fruitful garden. Focus on what yours would look like and take this analogy to heart. The most important work you can do for yourself this month is to work on your belief systems. Turn them over, break them up, aerate them with neutrality and potential, make a practice of asking "what if" questions and decide what seeds you want to plant. If there is something you always wanted to do but were afraid to for a variety of reasons, do it now. The time is fertile to take a risk, go against convention and follow your own heart. Just be careful not to plant too many varieties in your garden and make sure you can manage the caretaking and nurturing. In other words stay focused and grounded and determined in your choices rather than scattered like the wind.


This promises to be a potent month for relationships of all kinds. Fertility is the foundation for conceiving commitments, projects, partnerships, new relationships, community connections and anything else that thrives on this level of exchange. The spark of the fire element, the masculine, is actively looking for fertile ground to initiate and spark life into. This could be an actual physical pregnancy or it can show up as the conception of a creative project with a group of people. It could also show up as a karmic entanglement or new relationship configuration. It is best to cut yourself off from any past perceptions regarding relationships you have had in the past especially ones that have been challenging, karmic, painful or powerful in their influence. It is best to start fresh without history. Give all relationships a chance without judgment and from neutrality. It is fertile ground for new alliances and new footings and foundations and reasons to be together. We also recommend that people, who have been in relationships with each other for a long time, revisit their purpose and reasons for being together. Bring in something new that is of the present time to focus on as the spark of inspiration.


It reads like old news but the environment continues to support us in the process of the soil being dramatically turned and exposing the underside. Climate, weather patterns and earth phenomena will continue to be a force that keeps things moving. As a collective we are very clear that we are moving forward in our evolution and that there is really no turning back at this point. The sooner we get our lessons and the sooner we are able to be as flexible as we need to be and as unattached as we need to be, the sooner things in the environment will settle down. We also really have to drop the need to know, the need to control, and the need to be able to predict what will happen. Any attempt to micromanage the environment from our belief systems and our minds is laughable. We need to realize that we actually are managing the environment in a co creative way. The environment is expressing itself exactly according to our cooperative plan. It is still a good idea to be as flexible as possible when it comes to travel and your attachment to your own plans.


If you don't create something with this powerful energy, the body could be very fertile for growing in other ways. There is a high probability for increases in cancer, weight gain, warts, tumors and other unwanted expressions of creativity. Make sure you channel this creative force into something in your life that you are inspired by. Become inspired by your body and by its amazing potential for healing, action, movement and creativity. See your body as a garden. Where does the soil need turning, what needs aerating, what needs nourishment, what needs protection and maintenance. Make sure to spend some good time in the sun and acknowledge the sun as connected with the spirit of fire. Because of the fiery quality this month we could also see issues with liver, gall bladder, high blood pressure and skin rashes. Emotionally there could be higher levels of irritability and a lack of clarity as to what exactly you might be feeling. Energetically you could experience ups and downs in energy levels, focus, enthusiasm and inspiration. Make a practice of turning towards what is coming and ahead of you instead of watching what is disappearing into the past.


As we mentioned in the relationship section, this is a potent time for new alliances, new partnerships and new relationships and new team configurations for business and projects. This is also a good time to focus on what needs to happen to create fertile ground for new ideas, projects and business endeavors. When it comes to business and finance models try to think outside the box. The more innovative and inspired you can be the more chance of evolving yourself to a new position of creativity and success. It can be a really prosperous month for those willing to take a few risks with something new. It can also be a good month to look at your attachment to the way you have perceived money and business, career and success in very structured and solid ways. Loosen the soil up a bit and aerate your beliefs about what is possible. Making decisions or choices out of fear is never a good idea. Make them from a place of inspiration. Fear does not carry the same igniting spark as inspiration does. And anything too fixed and solid is not fertile ground.


The idea of freedom as fertile ground permeates most of the global issues being played out right now. The same issue holds true for politics and global issues as it does for business and finance: Making decisions or choices out of fear is never a good idea. In this case the place of inspiration happens to be freedom and this need will rule things for a time to come. Fear has no power when it comes to creating something out of fertile ground and neither does anything to old, calcified, fixed or stable. We are in unstable times and this is good. Look to your own garden instead of worrying about how, who, what and where; or who is right and who is wrong. Be neutral. That is always the best policy.


April 1-8: A time to turn the soil. If you have been procrastinating or reluctant to look at the underside of what gets turned up, now is the time to have the courage to do so. Maybe what you see will require you to make some changes or to remove some obstacles to your beliefs, ways of thinking, old dreams, patterns and attitudes. Maybe the changes are more physical and require choices in your environment or in what you do. Make use of this time to unhinge your cause and effect thought process that wants to be a part of every decision. Make an intention to plant seeds that will grow something that will be of the most benefit to you and your essence beyond what your mind thinks is best. Continue to ****, break up, aerate, and expand your perceptions. Work with the analogy of the garden and the concept of fertility.

April 3: New Moon is at 8:33 AM Mountain Standard Time. Do something active, connected, community oriented, something that initiates enthusiasm and inspiration. A lot of energy can be moved during this time so make use of it. Don't hide out in your hidey hole. Get out there and be in the world even if it is only to appreciate the beauty around you and the eccentricity and uniqueness of each living thing on the planet. Acknowledge the fertility you see around you and intend to initiate something that will be important and inspiring in your life.

April 9-16: This could be a slightly disoriented time of disruption, chaos and confusion both in your personal life and on a global scale. Look for unusual events to occur or something unexpected that throws the flow into a new direction. This does not need to be a negative occurence. It could manifest as a wake up call to some, such as a health crisis, or it could manifest in a great opportunity that you could never have imagined possible. Whatever it is you should be paying attention because the situation will provide very fertile ground for big lessons, big manifestation, big clearing, big growth or big movement of some kind. This is a time frame where fear could come up and it will be important to stay neutral. Whether on a global level or a personal one, keep your eye on the goal, don't take anything personally and know deep down that it is all part of the plan and that there are no mistakes. Allow the fertility of the month to carry you to new levels. Don't be a couch potato; get out there and engage.

April 17: Full Moon is at 8:45 PM Mountain Standard Time. This full moon has a reserved quality to it of taking life seriously and pulling your energy in rather than blowing it out to the ethers. It is a time when we could see some people literally losing their minds because of the lack of boundaries around the physical plane. The fertility of the month has accelerated the process of growth and evolution to such a degree that the mind can no longer track it in a linear way. This will be disturbing to those that have a need to feel in control. The best thing you can do during this time is to work with your own belief systems, aerating them and allowing for experiences to happen that do not make linear sense. It is also important that you are with your own tribe, people who are on the same page as you with regards to life outlook and beliefs. Beware of getting involved in drama or the desire to try and fix. Be in nature if you can.

April 18-24: The energy increases and things begin to move rather quickly here. Just like an insect when warmed by the sun begins to move faster, so we begin to experience things in a more accelerated way. It is very important during this time frame that you constantly connect to what inspires you and keep yourself focused on what is ahead rather than what you are leaving behind. There is actually great potential for higher emotional experiences of beauty, love, expansion and connection as long as you are not wallowing in fear or in one of the negative attitudes. Keep eliminating negative thoughts and phrases from your experience and remind yourself to trust in spirit. Keep working with the analogy of the garden, make it as fertile as possible and plant the right seeds in the right timing. Right timing should also be very obvious during this time frame. When it is right, things will show up with so little effort you won't want to believe it at first. Be patient and trust.

April 25-30: This is a time of hard work, lots of weeding, feeding, keeping all your balls in the air and being practical about what you have created. With a great deal of neutrality and no attachment you will get to look at what is working, what isn't, what needs change, what is growing fast, and where the energy wants to go as opposed to what your mind thinks should be happening. In a fertile time there is a tendency to plant a lot of seeds, sometimes to find out what is most compatible with the conditions. The ones not doing well should be culled even though you may have had some attachment to their success. Just notice where the current wants to go, what wants to grow and do what shows up in front of you. Honor the fertility of your own life and keep looking ahead.

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 01:52 PM

Sooo... you're gonna get knocked up? :dunno:

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 01:59 PM


I was thinking of starting it off with my own little note of "if you don't wanna get pregnant..." at the top! :wink:

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 03:52 PM

Great read - thanks! :heart:

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 07:11 PM

You are very much welcome! :)

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Posted 22 April 2011 - 02:23 PM

This week's forecast is very apt for me, leaving my gig and starting new things: :mrgreen:

The energy increases and things begin to move rather quickly here. Just like an insect when warmed by the sun begins to move faster, so we begin to experience things in a more accelerated way. It is very important during this time frame that you constantly connect to what inspires you and keep yourself focused on what is ahead rather than what you are leaving behind. There is actually great potential for higher emotional experiences of beauty, love, expansion and connection as long as you are not wallowing in fear or in one of the negative attitudes. Keep eliminating negative thoughts and phrases from your experience and remind yourself to trust in spirit. Keep working with the analogy of the garden, make it as fertile as possible and plant the right seeds in the right timing. Right timing should also be very obvious during this time frame. When it is right, things will show up with so little effort you won't want to believe it at first. Be patient and trust.

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Posted 28 April 2011 - 09:11 PM

thanks. is there a site?