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The reason I do not vote for the GOP (in general)

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#1 concert andy

concert andy
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Posted 04 October 2012 - 08:58 PM

Social Issues.

Not saying I have not voted for GOP candidates, because I have, usually locally.

But in general I do not vote for GOP leaders (President, Senate) because they care to much about what people are doing.

Once the GOP get off those issues, and accept every one as equals, which is clearly stated in the constitution.

I will vote for them.

I agree with 95% of their fiscal policies.

I am fiscally conservative, and socially I do not give a flying hoot.


#2 Again and Again

Again and Again
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Posted 07 October 2012 - 12:30 AM

A woman can not get pregnant if she is raped.
Gay can and should be cured.
Global warming does not exist.
Increased global storms are God's anger at our sins.
Creationism is real, Darwinism is not.
Slavery was a blessing in disguise.
The only way to deal with the Muslim problem is to deport them all.
(those last two are from quotes from Arkansas senators in the news today 10/5)
Only a man and a woman should marry, but I have been divorced twice and had secret gay sex with boys.
You all should be governed based on MY religion!

LOL - GOP is an absurd party, in my opinion.

#3 PeaceFrog

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 10:14 PM

they haven't kept up with the times.

Beginning with Nixon, the party became factioned.

When Reagan took over, he based his platform on his "3 legged-stool" dividing Republicans up into 3 neat little categories. The gunslingers/warmongers, the christian fundamentalists, and the "small-government fiscal conservatives" who were straight up conned by his emmy award winning performance as the POTUS.

Then came the neo-cons, who are still peering their ugly heads out today -- people like Newt Gingrich.
Then the Teapublicans, who are just basically the racist leftovers from the civil war.

The party has never been anything to be proud of during my entire lifetime. Some of them seem to be proud that they are the party of Lincoln, and that is a good thing to be proud of. I still haven't researched what happened between Lincoln and Nixon to cause them to veer so far to the extreme.

I don't like huge political parties, either. I'm glad that I have the freedom to start looking at other candidates whose ideals are more in line with mine being that this looming threat of austere conservatism looks like it may be blowing over finally.

I'm hoping a third party will arise, but like the pheonix it can only come from the ashes of its mother. I'm thinking it will be libertarians who will basically be the new republicans.

then, it will be our job as conservationists and ecologists to either take over or defeat the Democrat party.

Anyway, I'm for workers rights and environmental conservation. For those reasons alone I can't vote for the GOP.