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Are you anywhere near Rome, NY...I've been going to a friend's place in Delta Lake up NY 26 to do recordings...I was the opener at the 2nd Annual Tyler-land Studio All-STAR Jam at the SNUBBING POST...December 20th. (They have at site...) You can listen to a "rough mix" of Golden DAWN at [URL]http://www.myspace.com/busker4freedom[/URL] It's the song that loads once the page is "up" (You no longer need to be a myspace member to listen... I'm now resident at Greg T's (on the muthaboard) house in Clinton, CT since this time in October, 2008. I met Greg at Woodstock re-unions I wish thee fare well on yer journey to Ocala, matey...
Feb 05 2009 02:05 AM