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Jersey Thug → kate11

like i could say no to you :grin:
Dec 29 2008 07:03 PM

Joe → JamOnIt247

Yeah we do :wink:
Dec 29 2008 05:14 PM

Luna → Babsie's here!

Hey lady!!! Seeing you here makes me so happy! How are things? My holiday was great ate a ton of pierogies lol. Yours?
Dec 29 2008 05:12 PM

In A Silent Way → Babsie's here!

:smile: Hey Babsie!
Dec 29 2008 04:07 PM

Mr_Pat → Erinisme

Yeah you get your own forum ;)
Dec 29 2008 02:58 PM

Erinisme → Mr_Pat

Hey you seem to be the go to guy on these boards so i have a quick question for you. I want to upload photos, can i post photos from face book on here? I know i can do it from myspace but my files are to big for myspace....
Dec 29 2008 02:16 PM


Fuck all you little chicken heads! :lol: I told you I didnt know what the fuck I was doing!! Ahhh Im such a retard sometimes!! :lmao: You guys love me so shut the hell up! :P
Dec 28 2008 03:25 PM

gram-man → nikkiblue

you awake?
Dec 28 2008 07:42 AM

Babsie's here! → JamOnIt247

[B]LOL!!! Glad to hear back you silly goose!!!! That's funny that you wrote back to me on your own site. That's great!!! Of course MM&T is laughing. That silly MM&T. He's always laughing. Please call me as soon as you can my silly sweetness. I really miss you so much. I talk to Momma sometimes, which is awesome. She keeps on me to keep me involved here. So I'm back a little bit. Not quite the post whore I once was, but that's a GOOD thing. LOL!!![/B]
Dec 28 2008 02:13 AM

Dolla Jill → HoopsTer

[COLOR="Purple"]I LOVE You[/COLOR]
Dec 27 2008 09:23 PM

Dolla Jill → lost-in-boston

[COLOR="Purple"]I LOVE You[/COLOR]
Dec 27 2008 09:22 PM

In A Silent Way → pixiebug

Dec 27 2008 08:55 PM

lost-in-boston → Babsie's here!

[COLOR="Teal"]hi love!!! Sooooo glad to see you back around :) *hugs*[/COLOR]
Dec 27 2008 01:33 AM

Me and Mr. T → JamOnIt247

That's a really long message to leave yourself on your own page! (see below) Are you going to hear from yourself soon?? :funny1:
Dec 26 2008 07:58 PM

gMONEY → Mr_Pat

you Pat thanks for the call yesterday!! hope you had a great christmas.Sorry I didn't get your mesage till late I was Out of my mind:wink:
Dec 26 2008 06:59 PM